The westbond three-way convertible manual wirebonder is active now.

Michael Whitaker operates the mask aligner for his solar-cell project.

A heated chromium coated tungsten in the Lesker Nano36 evaporator.

The portrait of an active research assistant in the cleanroom.

Cleanroom research colleagues discussing the lithography process.


Welcome to the Microfabrication Research & Education Center (MREC) at the University of Oklahoma! The mission of the center is to provide a professional, safe, sustainable, and high-quality cleanroom facility in which the University community and its collaborators compete internationally by conducting innovative researches and education.

This state-of-the-art cleanroom facility offers over 3360 sq. ft. of Class 10,000 general and Class 1000 photo lab cleanroom space located in Devon Energy Hall on the University of Oklahoma campus. The equipment toolsets provide full turnkey solutions for ongoing research projects and enable fabrication of advanced electronic & optoelectronic devices using innovative compound semiconductor materials.

The OU-MREC Cleanroom Facility has adopted a world-class level of safety protocols in both facilitation and operational standards. All equipment tool set operations are conducted with certification and qualification standards provided by university staff who are semiconductor industry veterans.